Looking To Buy A Family Home Or Investment Property?

Are you about to make one of these common, costly mistakes?

Do you know the 9 due diligence checks you must do on a property before you buy? If you're thinking Pest and Building Inspections, you're missing 7 of the most critical checks that could cause you years of frustration and financial heartache.

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What about the sales tricks that are used (one-on-one and at auction). Do you know what to look out for, what to say to counter common manipulations, and how to negotiate to save thousands?

And what about where to look for property - do you know how to find the best properties and buy them at a deep discount? Not knowing this could mean you over-pay by tens of thousands of dollars.

Every day, home owners and real estate investors make unnecessary mistakes - costly blunders that cause them to waste thousands and thousands of dollars.

Why? Simply because they don't have the information you are about to learn. With access to 7 Modules and more than 800 straight-to-the-point articles, videos and audios, you'll discover...

  • How to find better homes and buy them at a discount

  • Negotiation tricks - things to look out for, and strategies you can use to negotiate a much better price

  • How to find out the truth about a property - tips to doing due diligence

  • How to know exactly how much to offer when making a property purchase

  • How to handle offers and counter offers to get the best result without going grey in the process

  • 9 checks you must do on a property before you sign anything

  • How to compare finance options and structure the deal to save thousands

  • How to put your investment returns into hyper-growth by quickly and easily adding value to your family home or investment property

  • How to create a passive income through property investing without having to wait for years

  • Renovation mistakes that most people make and how to make the most of every renovation dollar you spend

  • Inside secrets about debt and financing that professional investors use to make real profits

  • How to use equity strategies including 'No Money Down' to make an immediate profit and protect your asset base

  • The truth about banks, building societies, mortgage brokers - how to avoid costly traps that may extend your loan by years... and how to know you're getting the best overall deal on your finance

  • Understanding the fine print - things you must know about valuations, securities, guarantees, insurance, fees and charges, and a whole host of details that cause many investors financial and emotional heartache

  • How to quickly and easily analyse property deals

  • Renting your investment property - avoid horror stories by knowing what to do when it comes to tenants (and their children and pets!), property managers, maintenance and more

  • A comparison between investing in residential property, hotel units, offices, retail and industrial

  • A detailed discussion of the risks of property ownership - how to buy without losing your shirt

  • Where to look for good properties - the tools professional investors use to get the best deals first

  • Location, location, location - but what makes a good location. A detailed guide to the best locations in Australia and New Zealand

  • And much, much more!
Organised into 7 modules and searchable by specific topics you'll find the exact information you need in minutes. Whether you're buying your first family home or your 20th investment property, this comprehensive guide will help you at every stage of your property search and purchase including...
Module 1: Fundamental / Overview
Module 2: Financing Your Purchase
Module 3: Extra Costs When Buying Your Property
Module 4: Finding A Property
Module 5: Sales Methods
Module 6: Offer And Negotiation
Module 7: The Purchase Process

Valued at $850 this information could literally save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

The My Knowledge KeyThe key: you need to have that knowledge BEFORE you really need it. That's why you'll want to enter your details now - while this is fresh in your mind - and gain access to this powerful information. 

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Sir Francis Bacon said, "Knowledge is power". He was right. Do you currently have the knowledge - all the information - to find a first-rate property, negotiate a deeply discounted price, arrange an unbeatable finance agreement, structure the deal, control the process through to settlement, add instant value to your investment... and... minimize your tax while maximizing your return on investment?
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